Throw Me in the Lake is a project by artist and illustrator Zosienka to explore the possibilities of repeat pattern in textile and surface design. Zosienka works as a freelance designer from a canal-side studio in London’s east end.

Zosienka’s work is influenced by Eastern European graphic design and children’s book illustrations. Having spent her childhood summers in Poland, she would explore the land and plants and creatures and many of these memories show up in her designs. The more exotic motifs are inspired by the two chapters spent living in South Africa where nature offered great extremes.

Most often, Zosienka paints with fine brushes in gouache and watercolour paints and later manipulates colour digitally. However, the artwork maintains a hand painted quality.

Philosophy: to create a natural, seamless and balanced repeat that doesn’t demand attention but discreetly creates a deep impact. She has a sensitivity to detail and enjoys the depth found in textured surfaces.

Zosienka developed her love of surface design at a print studio in Prince Edward County, Canada and went on to learn about the industry at Cath Kidston, London, where she worked designing repeat patterns for homewares, fashion, kids and bags & accessories.  She has also designed bespoke wallpaper and curtain fabrics for interiors, as well as indoor and outdoor hand-painted murals.

For more examples of Zosienka’s illustration, please visit zosienka.com

If you are interested in commissioning Zosienka for a project or collection, or if you’d like to enquire about any of  the designs in this portfolio, please get in touch.